Why Bespoke EPoS Matters for your Business

There are no two high street businesses which function in the exact same way. This means that whilst a specific process works for one company, it may not work for another.

That’s why  EPoS system specialists often develop bespoke software.

Tailored to Your Needs

Every business has different needs when it comes to their EPoS systems; some concentrate on stock management and reports, whereas others may simply want to focus on processing transactions.  For example, charity stores require tailored software that allows staff and volunteers capture Gift Aid for donations. Your business will run much smoother when using a bespoke EPoS system.

It Streamlines Processes


Stocktake is not the most fun of jobs to tackle. Nevertheless, retailers need to ensure that their store has enough stock or tally up what products are expected.

Rather than put aside valuable employee time to painstakingly count your stock by hand, a bespoke EPoS system can eradicate the need to spend hours counting and recording stock. It’s also great for providing insight into shopper habits throughout the retail year.

EPoS systems can calculate in real-time how much stock you have and how much has been sold – giving you a great insight into what products are doing well at certain times of the year for reporting purposes and forecasting for the coming year.

If your business is struggling with finding an EPoS system that suits your retail needs, feel free to contact us here at Nisyst today – our team of developers will be glad to help you create a bespoke system for your business!

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