What You Can Learn from the Biggest Retailers in the World

We have already discussed the different plans you can start implementing in your retail shop to reach success. No matter how small or large your business is, there is always room for improvement and growth. Even if you think of your retail shop as something very modest, it’s good to remind yourself that every big global corporation started where you are now.

For instance, did you know that Aldi, a retail company that is present in 18 countries, started as a small grocery shop run by the mother of two small kids as a side business to support her family?

Instead of looking at the giants from the retail sector as your competitors, consider them an example of what you may be one day. And, in the mean time, there are many inspirational tips you can take from their market strategies!

1. Coca-Cola and the One Brand strategy

If there is a drink everyone remembers enjoying since they were young, that is Coca-Cola. The fizzy beverage is incredibly popular and can be consumed in almost any country all over the world. Coca-Cola has launched different variants of this product throughout the years, including Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Zero, among others.

However they have recently decided to put all these different products under the umbrella of its most famous brand (Coca-Cola) to make sure that clients keep feeling attracted to their products whilst understanding the small differences in each of them. Your own company will also benefit from a simpler approach to branding to make sure it stands out in the diverse market of today.

2. Nike and the Luminaries

When the famous sport company signed the basketball player Michael Jordan to be the image of its Air Jordan campaign, Nike was worth $150 million.  One year after the launch, the value of the Air Jordan line alone was over $100 million. How did this happen?

Luminaries can definitely be what boosts your retail shop into success. In many cases, they are celebrities, but this doesn’t need to be the norm. You can also contact marquee clients or powerful governing bodies. Besides, local luminaries such as bloggers or aspiring trendsetters can be incredibly helpful.

3. Walmart and Being Easily Accessible

Walmart is one of the biggest retail shops in the entire world and, without doubt, the leader in the US. Do you wonder how they have been able to secure this role for such a long time? One of the reasons is that their customers always find them very accessible.

To start with, its webpage will immediately show you where the closest Walmart to your location is. Moreover, they have an on-line purchase service that works 24 hours, which is something that clients find very convenient. If you have a small shop, you cannot be open for 24 hours, but making sure you have a strong online presence – such as a website where you can advertise deals to your potential buyers and allow them to purchase items without having to get out from their own homes – will definitely make your business grow.

We want to help you boost your retail shop because we are convinced you can be as big as any of the giants in the market. The first step is to have an efficient EPoS system that will be convenient for both your staff and your customers. We always offer the latest software, so feel free to contact our expert team and they will be delighted to answer any enquiry!

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