Top 5 Retail Tips for the Holiday Season

Now that summer is behind us and winter is rapidly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about the forthcoming holidays. In 2015, retailers took £24 billion over Christmas, a figure that clearly shows the importance of having your shop ready for the festive season.

Sales always tend to rise over this period, meaning that a lot of shops depend on Christmas to boost annual sales figures. But how can you ensure that you’re prepared to deal with the busy period ahead – and also able to take full advantage of it?


Make Sure you Have Extra Staff

Recruiting extra staff during the most demanding time of year is essential! A few extra hands on deck can help you tackle a boost in custom and, of course, cover for any employees that need to take time off during Christmas. Start hiring now so that you can be ready in time for December – after all, you want your temporary hires to be just as good as your employees, meaning they need to be fully trained as well.


Have a Shop Makeover

It’s essential that your shop stands out from the crowd. Creating stunning window displays by decorating them according to the festive season can and can showcase your creativity and best products. Keep in mind that people are looking to purchase gifts for their loved ones, so entice them to your shop by displaying the cream of the crop.

Extend Opening Hours

While this doesn’t mean that everyone needs to start working overtime, you still need to consider the Christmas rush, so take advantage of extended opening hours to attract more shoppers to your store. Promoting your revised opening hours on social media and on your website, for instance, is crucial, as you don’t want to stay open late and find that there are no customers!


Take Product Placement Seriously

Knowing where to place your products is something that every retailer needs to consider, so make sure that your best-sellers are always in sight and positioned strategically throughout the shop. Also, small items that can be bought as gifts should be kept near the till to encourage impulse buys; you should keep your shop fully stocked at all times as well, so that you don’t miss any opportunities to sell!

And by grouping similar products together, such as glassware or clothes, shoppers who will be looking for something specific will be able to find it easily.


Invest in Great EPoS

Training your employees to use EPoS systems is quick and easy, as they’re user-friendly and have an easy-to-understand interface. You should always invest in EPoS systems, no matter the market you’re in, as they can offer you a world of benefits.

They can also be tailor-made to suit your business, meaning you always get the full benefit of your EPoS system. Other advantages of this technology, which are extremely important during the holidays, are the reduction of human error, quicker transactions and accurate tracking of sales and stock. Managing gift cards and loyalty schemes also comes in handy during Christmas!

Making sure that your shop is prepared for the holiday season is crucial to fully benefit from the Christmas rush, especially when so many shoppers are looking for gifts! Here at Nisyst we can help you maximise the advantages of Christmas trading through reliable, high-quality EPoS systems, so contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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