Technology is an incredible tool, both for businesses and for charities. It can be a vital component to achieving success or a goal and, with new apps being created rapidly, these can be highly beneficial for businesses of any size or nature. What does technology offer charities today?

The Resuscitation Council (UK) have recently released their new interactive life-saving app,Lifesaver VR. This app aims to teach people what to do when someone suffers a cardiac arrest, inviting people into a time-critical situation to make decisions while learning to save a life.

How the App Works

Not only is this app helpful for all those who get it, it is also free! Lifesaver VR is designed to teach effective CPR skills whilst providing individuals with the confidence to use them should an emergency situation arise. The app is an engaging and immersive virtual reality film-in-a-game, allowing the viewer to step into a life or death situation and learn essential and crucial life-saving skills.

The Lifesaver VR provides CPR instructions and feedback, encouraging those who use it to learn. It also shows how to use a defibrillator, which boosts learning and increases the confidence in helping to save lives.

To play the game on the app, you interactively control the reactions of Harry’s friend, Chloe, using your VR headset. The game begins in VR cinema format, entering full 360° video as you perform CPR by pushing down on a firm cushion. As the VR headset senses your movements, it gives you feedback on your performance. This means it is up to you whether Harry survives his cardiac arrest.

The Benefits This Will Bring

Every year, around 60,000 people in the UK have an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, so the introduction to this app can help to save lives in these situations. A great benefit is that the app is suitable for everyone, and it will appeal to young people through the teen-based scenario.

Those who suffer out-of-hospital cardiac arrests have less than a 10% chance of surviving but, if CPR is started early, it can double their chances of survival. Also, the more who are educated with these life-saving techniques can increase the chances of survival in the future.

How to Get the App

This unique and incredibly helpful app can be downloaded for iPhone and Android, alongside a linear version for browser use that makes it highly accessible. The Lifesaver VR app is available through iTunes and Google Play, with the option for the non-virtual Lifesaver.

This new scenario has been added to the original Lifesaver app, now hosting four different linear scenarios, including choking. The original app has trained over 700,000 people in CPR since its launch in 2013.

Technology is creating a huge diversity of learning through apps such as these, which can have a huge impact in the future. Learning life skills like this can increase chances of survival for those who suffer a cardiac arrest.

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