Nisyst CHARiot systems get Government recognition

Nisyst has recently been included in the official Government list of approved software suppliers for Charities Online. With our CHARiot EPOS systems, charities can benefit from a range of features which make processing payments, Gift Aid, purchases and stock control much easier.

With the recognition users can be sure that the software they are using is endorsed by government sources, giving users the confidence that the systems work well and are always secure – which is exactly what the CHARiot EPOS system does.

The submission of gift aid is very important for charities as it saves them time and money, letting more people benefit from the charitable services they provide and allowing for easier stock taking systems. When more money can be saved, more people can be helped – so charities know that using commercial software which is backed by Government approval offer the best services.

The list of suppliers on the HMRC website includes a range of suppliers who deal with different aspects of charities and non-profit organisation work. Although the HMRC site states that there are no set criteria for those on the list, but all of those included offer the best secure services available.

If you are looking for EPoS systems for charitable work as a stand-alone, or to run alongside already existing systems, Nisyst can offer a great range of solutions for a wide range of clients.

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