Nisyst And CHARiot EPoS Systems

Over the last 5 years, Nisyst has been working closely with Maxa Technologies Limited (trading as Maxa Solutions) to develop EPoS solutions for the charity retail sector. The software – CHARiot – has been developed over the years and designed specifically to help add the extra functions needed within a charity shop setting.

On the 1st of December 2012, the CHARiot brand will be transferred from Maxa Solutions to Nisyst, who will deal with the continuing development, sale and installation of the CHARiot EPoS system in stores around the country.

The charity sector has specific needs in EPoS systems over those of other shops, which is why the system has been developed. Volunteers, donated goods, donated money, different HMRC legislation and getting the tax back from gift aid all have different requirements; which have been integrated into the CHARiot system.

One of the most important modules within the CHARiot EPoS system is the Gift Aid module, which ensures that charities can get the right amount of tax back from HM Revenue and Customs. This is traditionally difficult, as it requires a lot of information to be tracked and recorded, but with the Gift Aid module from Nisyst, it is simple to keep track of. By keeping track of the items which are eligible, it can calculate the exact amount of money which can be reclaimed. The module is also designed to fit into the strict criteria laid out by HMRC, ensuring the charities can get the money they deserve!

For those who use the system now, it will mean that they can benefit from the continued after sale service and customer care which Nisyst has become well known for providing. As the software has been created by Nisyst, this makes sense, ensuring that the user can get the most out of their system by those who designed the functions.

Nisyst would like to thank Maxa Solutions for helping develop the CHARiot software over the past few years and we hope to create further improvements for the charity shop sector moving into the future!

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