Ineffective Use of Data Detracts From Shopping Experience

As technology advances, we are seeing personalisation and tailoring everywhere, from online adverts to promotions offered by retailers. Not only does this enable consumers to find appropriate offers, it also strengthens the relationship between consumer and retailer. However, a recent report from Cognizant shows that retailers are not taking full advantage of the data available to them, meaning that the shopping experience is let down and retailers miss out on getting the most out of the data.

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Data from shoppers allows retailers to create tailor-made discounts and deals based on their buying habits – something you may have noticed if you have a supermarket loyalty card. Customers may be sent coupons offering money off or extra loyalty points for purchasing items that are usually in their regular weekly shop. Not only does this make the coupon more likely to be used, it also makes the consumer feel as though the retailer knows them and encourages their loyalty.

However, it seems as though shoppers are now looking to use new technologies whilst shopping, opening up a whole new avenue of possibilities for the personalised experience. According to the study, 26% of those surveyed stated that they would use their mobile phone to make an upcoming purchase, while a future-thinking 12% planned to use augmented reality in the future.

As these new technologies become a part of the shopping experience, retailers must ensure that they use their data effectively, targeting the behaviours and habits of consumers in order to provide a positive shopping experience. It is important that retailers not only gather and use this data effectively, but they must also ensure that the technology they use is user-friendly and works consistently. 26% of those surveyed stated that in-store technology does not work properly, something that can discourage consumers.

At Nisyst, we know just how important it is that your technology not only works consistently but also serves essential purposes. Our EPoS software allows for the capture of detailed data, enabling you to know everything you need to know about your consumer. Our software facilitates everything from loyalty schemes to running multiple promotions and can help to improve the shopping experience as you are enabled to use your consumer data effectively.

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