How to Choose the Right EPoS System for Your Needs

Choosing and investing in the right EPoS system requires a lot of thought and research, as it can be a large but fantastic investment for your business. Therefore, you have to make sure that it meets all your needs. 

What You Should Consider

Does it have the Right Features?

You need to have realistic expectations for your EPoS system.  What do you want it to help you with? Do you want to measure the most and least popular stock? Be sure you are fully aware of what the EPoS system can actually do for your business.

Are there any specific features and processes that the EPoS system doesn’t currently have, but you feel could be added needs adding to help your business become more efficient? It’s best to explain to your supplier what your business does on a day-to-day basis, so your supplier will have a better understanding of how to customise the EPoS system to meet all your requirements.

Is It the Right Price?

An EpoS system is a considered investment for any business – you have to make sure you are definitely getting the most of your investment. Gather a list of crucial and non-crucial features that your EPoS system must have to help you stay within your budget. Some of the non-crucial features may be compromised in order for you to meet your target price.

Is It User Friendly?

Always ask yourself if you’s be comfortable using the system on your own? Can I teach my colleagues to use this system with ease?  If the EPoS software needs updating, can I update it myself? Never hesitate to ask your supplier for a product demonstration to help you become familiar and fully capable of using the system without supervision.

If you feel you are not fully capable atusing an EPoS system, we at Nisyst are always here to help you!


Available Support

When investing in an EPoS system, you have to make sure that your supplier/manufacturer provides you with the right level of support. What is the maintenance like? Do they provide regular inspections on all the systems that they sell? Try to find out what exactly is offered in terms of support.

Finding the right EPoS system can be a very difficult task to do, there are various factors you have to think about; the price, the amount of support available, and how user friendly is the system? If you need any help on deciding which EPoS system would be suitable for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can send a member of our team to help make sure that the EPoS system that you are interested in buying has all the right EPoS solutions for you.

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