EPoS Ecommerce Sites

Running both a retail and online store presents a number of challenges that we’ve been able to overcome with a single EPoS System. Whether you have an existing website or look for one to be developed, we have an EPoS Ecommerce solution that will fit your requirements.

Instead of running a different software for your in-store and online sales, NPoS features an integrated EPoS Ecommerce solution meaning you only need to look after one stock control system, manage one reporting system and enter products once. The added benefit is that you have the ability to set different prices online or in your retail shop.

Our sales order processing module automatically downloads all orders from the EPoS Ecommerce site and notifies you; enabling you to process order lists and have items shipped and delivered as and when required.

With the ability to integrate into payment gateways such as Paypal, Sagepay, Secure Trading and many more, your customers can be confident that they are purchasing from a site that is using secure payment gateways.

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