Running both in-person and online stores side by side leads to a number of logistical challenges. It can sometimes feel as if you’re juggling two separate businesses, unable to commit all your attention and resources to either at any one time. That’s why we’ve developed one simple EPoS solution that can do it all.

In-store and online sales on one easy-to-use platform

Rather than using separate retail systems for in-store and online sales, NPoS features an integrated EPoS E-commerce solution.

This way, you only need to manage one stock control system, one reporting system, and one product system across both channels. However, you still get the flexibility of setting different price points for each sales channel.

To make your daily operations far simpler, the sales order processing module automatically downloads every order from your E-commerce site and notifies you as soon as they come in. This allows you to provide a premium customer service, processing and shipping orders promptly, and maintaining higher levels of organisation.

You can also integrate payment gateways like PayPal, Sage Pay, and Secure Trading directly into NPoS, giving your customers peace of mind that they’re purchasing through a reputable source.

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