Introducing NPoS by Nisyst

A feature-rich, easy-to-use EPoS solution to streamline all retail operations.

At Nisyst, we’ve developed our intuitive NPoS system to be an intelligent, functional, and reliable solution for all organisations across the retail sector. 

Able to speed up till-point interactions without sacrificing on customer service, increase sales, and improve visualisation of your whole operation – from reports and analysis, to sales and marketing – NPoS is the simple answer to the complex challenges of the retail sector.

Your NPoS system will be ready to use out of the box, and the experienced Nisyst team will work alongside you to ensure it’s full of the features your business needs most. Extensive training and support for your staff will guarantee a smooth transition from your existing system and ongoing help for making the most out of NPoS.

One solution to do it all

We make technology work harder for you and your business. The clean, graphical interface and extensive list of modules for NPoS are easy to use and quick to master.

You can find your purchase and sales history, sales information, reporting options, and stock control all  within the ecosystem, making it simple to maintain full oversight of your organisation. Any customer loyalty schemes and promotional offers remain readily accessible. Create up-to-date reports on a daily, weekly, or annual basis – and for individual stores, regions, or the organisation as a whole. 

Key data can be collated and transferred from your current sales system to NPoS by our pre-installation team. We can import supplier, product, and pricing data to ensure that our software works perfectly for you from day one.

Key features

  • A stylish and compact point of sale interface

  • Real-time access to stock control and inventory

  • Easy access to supplier, products, and purchase databases

  • Shelf-edge tickets and barcode label printing

  • 100s of management reporting options available as standard

  • Process and manage multiple promotions

  • Personalised customer receipts

  • Multi-channel functionality for complementary mail order or online stores

  • No need for price tags

A targeted, bespoke solution 

We’ve built NPoS with our customers in mind. Drawing on decades of experience with innovative retail systems, we’ve distilled all our insight and experience into a unique retail solution to target the challenges and demands of the industry.

At Nisyst, we proudly develop long-term partnerships with our customers, taking pride in offering cutting-edge technological solutions as well as providing an ongoing, unparalleled supporting service. This way, we can ensure NPoS continues to go above and beyond for your business. 

By working closely with you from the start, we identify what functionality your business needs to operate at its best. From there, we incorporate all the functionality you need into NPoS, delivering a truly bespoke solution.


NPoS is compatible with both touchscreen- and keyboard-operated EPoS hardware, and is a client server-based solution optimised for Microsoft OS. 

Integral to the way we built NPoS, it’s not hardware dependent. Our software works with a variety of EPoS systems such as Toshiba, Poindus, Epson, and Posiflex. If you transition to our software from another, the move is simple and you can make continued use of the hardware and peripherals you already have on-site.

Over thirty years of building and developing our ecosystem and working with organisations just like yours, we’re certain that our EPoS software integrates seamlessly. Our team will come in and get you up and running in no time. From the moment we install NPoS, it’s stable and functional, allowing you to carry on operations with maximum productivity. 

The ability of NPoS to integrate with credit card payment systems and manage stock and CRM will make a measurable difference to your bottom line. Both in terms of time saved and in helping you take better control of your operations. And for mail order and E-commerce, we can incorporate real-time web links into the NPoS system, meaning you can access up-to-date sales and stock management information at any time.

Cloud hosting

Downtime can be costly for a retail business and complicated to resolve if your server administrators aren’t familiar with the software you’re using. With our full-service cloud hosting, we oversee your server’s technical monitoring, maintenance, and administration, ensuring everything keeps running smoothly. 

Managed by our highly experienced in-house technical support team, our hosting service monitors your server, backs up your data, and offers secure communications via SSL. 

Our support will help to identify and fix any potential issues that may arise with your system, preventing downtime, and giving you peace of mind that you can focus on the day-to-day of your organisation.

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