While we could describe the technological age we are living in as interesting and some may even say challenging. This is certainly the case for non-profit organisations and charities. It can be easy for organisations to stay in a mentality of ‘old ways work’. However, the uncertainty of a financial storm can affect the way in which charities use technology or should be using the technology.

Building the Big Society
From a recent survey, Lasa – a social welfare law and technology charity – asked nearly 160 charities and not-for-profit co-workers about how they currently use technology. From the 160 surveyed, 8 out of 10 said that technology could help to build the ‘big society’, however 1 in 3 said that they don’t the time or even the confidence to try out new tools and technology, such as cloud computing. It can seem daunting to an organisation who were otherwise stuck in more traditional ways. Charities that are willing to be innovative and try new technologies such as cloud computing can significantly improve their services and even save money

What is Cloud Hosting?
Cloud hosting provides hosting on what we like to think of as ‘virtual’ servers. These servers pull their resources from an extensive networks of physical web servers. Since the cloud enables businesses and charities alike to use resources online, this means time is saved. But many charities will understand that time does equal money.

Chance UK
One charity which has taken to cloud hosting is Chance UK. They have 15 staff operating out of 2 offices – which has a very slow and unreliable connection between them. Their solution was to move their technology to the cloud. Cloud hosting achieves better connection and communication, which can allow them to deliver their services more efficiently.

So How Can Cloud Hosting Save Money?
Cloud computing has little to no setup costs and you will only pay for the resources you use. Hosting everything yourself can be stressful, time-consuming and expensive. It can also consume a lot of IT Resources. Placing everything on the cloud can certainly cut down costs as you won’t have the cost of running hardware or even maintaining it. All these things will also be reflected in the electricity bill. Organisations can tap into their cloud services as much as they require, dependant on their requirements. Because you can access it at any time, you don’t need to pay for additional capacity, meaning extra savings! While saving money is vital, one major benefit of using cloud hosting platforms is their flexibility. You can scale up or down the infrastructure at any point; as you grow, so can your technology.

Stay Connected
Charities need to make sure they are advancing with the technology to assist them in delivering strategic objectives – and saving money is certainly a great benefit. You don’t need to be a technology expert to use cloud computing either – it can be used within any activity in an organisation, from campaigning to volunteering and training. hardware-banner If you would like further information about our secure and reliable managed hosting service for all our CHARiot customers, simply get in touch. We have processes and procedures in place to make sure you have the support you need, so you can concentrate on the important things – keeping your charity profitable.