EPoS Systems and EPoS Hardware

The EPoS systems packages that we offer have been tried and tested by some of the world’s leading brands, and are not tied to particular manufacturer hardware. Committed to providing quality EPoS solutions and Electronic Point of Sale systems, we deliver a consistently professional service which has also helped us build successful and ongoing partnerships with major hardware manufacturers, including Toshiba, Poindus, Epson and Posiflex.

EPoS systems can integrate directly with a variety of EPoS hardware, including credit card payment systems, keep track of stock levels and of course keep track of customer information. The ability to manage stock and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) allows Electronic Point of Sale systems to make a measurable difference to the bottom line both in terms of time saved and in highlighting opportunities and weaknesses in a business.

Advantages of EPoS Hardware

Providing a fast and efficient way of managing your day to day business, EPoS Systems are capable of performing many tasks, for example, handling calculations involved during sales (totals and change) as well as issuing receipts, and these have historically been the main function of traditional tilling.

One of the main advantages of our unique Electronic Point of Sale system is that price tags are no longer needed. This is due to its remarkable ability to be placed inside the product’s code which can then be seamlessly scanned at the Point of Purchase. Additional features of our bespoke EPoS hardware includes inventory management, customer relationship management, warehousing, efficient stock control and much more. Coupled with NPoS, your EPoS systems can do this as well as carry out a wide variety of other beneficial tasks, making it an incredibly advantageous and invaluable piece of hardware to own and utilise.

NPoS & EPoS Systems Integration

If you already have EPoS Hardware, don’t worry – transition is easy. With our experienced and dedicated EPoS Systems team, we will enable you to maximise the value of your Electronic Point of Sale system from day one, providing an easy transition to your new and improved solution. Due to its build design, NPoS is not hardware dependent, which often allows you to make continued use of existing EPoS hardware and/or peripherals.

Depending on your requirements, size of your business and a number of sites, Electronic Point of Sale systems can include a variety of hardware systems and peripherals. Today’s EPoS systems can comprise of a main display with integrated touchscreen keyboard, customer display, card machine, receipt printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer and a connected scale for items sold by weight.

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