Chip and Pin Vs Contactless: Which is Better?

More and more, money is becoming a less physical presence in our lives. Today, you can simply place a plastic card or iPhone against an electronic device and instantly pay money. The use of currency is becoming further obsolete by the day. But, people are still questioning the safety of electronic payment methods.

So, should your customers be sticking to the tried and tested chip and pin or be embracing the innovation of contactless?

Chip and Pin

Some people are completely against contactless payments and  prefer the peace of mind that the chip and pin method provides. After all, no one can use the card instantly if they happen to pick it up off the street.

Being asked to enter a pin number adds an extra level of security, meaning that there is no possibility of unauthorised use of your card. It also is much less susceptible to electronic copying of the card, even if someone were to do this it would be useless without a pin.

Chip and pin cards also add extra layers of security for online transactions. Purchases aren’t always necessarily face-to-face in the modern age, so a pin means that secure payments can be made virtually in a safe manner. Banks often include another verification system that also requires your online banking password. Meaning that all of your online payments are doubly protected.


Contactless offers speed and simplicity, but less security than chip and pin. People have been lauding the benefits of this new payment method for transactions under £30 as it offers buyers the opportunity to simply touch their card, or iPhone, onto a device to process the payment.

However, sometimes it is overlooked that there is added protection for contactless payments. This is in place just in case something does happen and someone uses a bank card without the owner’s knowledge. Usually allowing up to six consecutive payments, on the seventh the user will be asked  for the pin for verification. If it’s wrong, the card will be locked out of any subsequent contactless payments. This means that it is impossible for thieves to steal more than a small amount of money from an account using this method.

So, you may find that both methods of payment are in fact as safe as the other. As long as a lost or stolen card is reported, there should be no monetary loss.

Regardless of your customer’s preferred method of payment, EPoS systems allow your business to cater to both.

If you would like to know more about EPoS systems, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. Give us a call on 01204 706000 and one of our friendly members of staff will be more than happy to help.

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