Even with today’s technology and ever-advancing levels of security, cyber-attacks can still occur. And now, more than ever, charities are being urged to protect themselves against a specific type of cyber-attack; ransomware.

The ‘WannaCry’ ransomware, in particular, has been targeting Microsoft Windows since Friday, 12 May 2017. More than 230,000 computers in 150 countries have already been affected. WannaCry demands ransom payments in bitcoin, a type of digital currency, in 28 different languages.

This highlights just how important it is for charities to be protected.

Are Charities at Risk?

It’s not clear yet whether charities are affected by WannaCry, but the truth is that IT systems and existing protection need to be kept updated at all times. After all, according to James Mulhern, chief information security officer at Eduserv, “charities are a big target for cyber criminals because they have valuable data, including personal information which is of huge value to attackers.”

The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017 also reveals that almost seven in ten companies identified a breach or attack. Businesses that hold electronic personal data were more likely to suffer from breaches (51%) than those that don’t (37%), which showcases the severity of this issue and why charities need to be protected against cyber-attacks.

The most common attacks occur through fraudulent emails, which try to get staff and consumers to reveal personal information, as well as passwords. Malware and viruses in attachments and links are also common, as is ransomware.

How Can Charities Remain Protected?

Charities can protect themselves by using donated security software, according to Richard Craig, CEO of charity software specialist Technology Trust:

“A lot of the problems have been caused by organisations using legacy systems, predominantly Windows XP, which is no longer supported by Microsoft. It’s understandable that charities try to send as much money through to their cause but this shows what can go wrong if you postpone upgrading. Microsoft donates Windows operating systems to charities so that at least takes a lot of the cost away.”

Backing up systems, having an up-to-date antivirus in place, and investing in high-quality technology can minimise the risks of cyber-attacks. It is also important that staff have the necessary skills to identify an attack or to respond to it, so make sure everyone is trained in cyber security (or has enough knowledge of it).

At Nisyst, we strive to make charities safer than before, be it to prevent ransomware or any other security breaches. We have extensive experience in the way volunteers work and have worked closely with many charity IT departments to advise on and implement best practice at the retail point for greater security. So book a demo or call us on 01204 706 000 and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our technology and to discuss how we can help you to become a safer charity.

Charities are constantly evolving in their commitment towards life-changing goals. Whilst progress has played a big part in their success, there are still many improvements and changes that could be made to achieve an even better outcome for charities.

We are now seeing more and more people coming together to work towards achieving these improvements. Collaboration in this way has meant better and varied ideas in the different ways a charity could operate. Technology is a huge part of today’s world with most things accessible at your fingertips. We’ve rounded up just a few new technologies that have been created for charities: Read more

Charitable donations come from a great place, one of kindness and generosity from people who have something to share. To protect the intent of these donations the government has implemented a tax benefit that means all of the money given to charity stays with the charity.

Read more

Running a charity shop is different from a normal store because you may be reliant on donations for your stock, there are lulls and peaks in people’s donation habits and a lot of it is to do with convenience. So you as a charity shop need to do what you can to encourage people to donate more frequently.

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We have a busy month ahead at Nisyst, here are some events coming up that we are attending;

Hospice UK Exhibition 10 – 12 November

Digital Entrepreneur of the Year Awards – 11 November

YMCA Chief Executives Networking Conference, Lincoln – 11 November

Charity Retail Association AGM Meeting – 12 November

We know that this is always going to be the case, especially when your favourite charity shop swaps its usual system to a charity epos system.

This is kind of a trick question really; of course buying from a charity is shop is better! Below we’ve listed the three best reasons to go charity as opposed to the original shops.


We give you the best reason for any shopping experience. There are entire shops that are filled with mountains of cheap clothes!

Cheap clothes that you can use for anything and everything, including but not restricted to:

Every day,
Dress-up times
Part PJ days

The clothes you find in a charity shop are usually the ones that you get questioned about most, people looking impressed as you twirl round and round. The best part is that you probably paid under a fiver for it and no one ever has to know, or be able to own a replica!

Designer finds

Certain charity shops hold a lot more of these finds than you’d ever expect! Find out more on our blog, Boutique Charity Shops!

If you’re on a day out in London and you want to shop designer with a smaller budget, go round the corners of Oxford Street or Sloane Square to find the charity shops!

It will mostly be last season’s goods, but they will be beautiful and no one will blame you for going absolutely mental and spending more than you have.

Giving back

Lastly, charity shopping it all about giving back to the local community, whilst getting all those extra clothes that you probably didn’t need what so ever but will now look amazing!

Secondly, you won’t only be giving back to your community, you will also be giving to those who are less fortunate and need your aid!

Gift aid is the best thing ever. You give your own money, and then the tax office has to pay too! It’s a brilliant way to give a little extra without really having to do much on your part other than fill out a short form and tick a box!

So, you can now agree with us that these shops are the best type in todays world where you can buy all the clothes you want whilst giving back!

If you’re currently running a charity shop and want one of our charity epos systems, then please contact us today for a demo!


September brings with it cold breezes and dreary days. It brings the rush of a new school year and the hum of Halloween and Christmas on the horizon. Did you know though, that September also brings an array of colourful, heroic and hardworking charities?

September is the month of:

• National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month,
• Blue September (Men’s Cancer),
• National Blood Cancer Awareness Month,
• Urology Awareness Month,
• Northern Ireland Stroke Awareness

Amongst these dedicated causes, its 30 days are packed with individual charities such as International Day of Charity (5th September), Jeans for Genes Day (18th September) and World Alzheimer’s Day (20th September). Though some of these well known charity days have now passed, there are some this week you can look forward to. Today, for instance, is National Dementia Carer’s Day!


14th-20th September 2015

Lymphatic Cancer Awareness Week

Lymphoma, first of all, is a cancer which can affect any part of the body by attacking the lymph nodes which play an important role in generating blood cells for the immune system.
This week the Lymphoma Assosiation are helping to raise awareness for the continual support to patients who have overcome Lymphatic Cancer.


lymphatic cancer - iStock_000002370900_Medium


Know Your Numbers! Week (Blood Pressure)

Knowing your blood pressure can greatly help you remain aware of your level of fitness and can help you fight Diabetes. As Blood Pressure UK’s awareness campaign, Know Your Numbers! Week has helped thousands of adults across the UK since its launch in 2001.


Doctor holding heart


Meningitis Awareness Week

Meningitis infects the protective membrane of your spinal cord and brain causing it to inflame which can damage the nerve and the brain. As a serious disease, Meningitis and Septicaemia are still present in the UK and Ireland with over 3,000 cases occurring every year. This week, let’s help to raise awareness for this life changing illness and spread the word about what symptoms to look out for.


Old women on balcony with coffee


Sexual Health Week

Run by the Family Planning Association (FPA) for more than 80 years, Sexual Health Week is the perfect opportunity to learn all you need to know about STI’s and sexual health. It’s also brilliant for raising awareness of many common STI’s and in educating the general public on what to do and how to avoid them.




Whether you’re helping to spread awareness through a planned event, or by raising money in your charity store, we understand how important your charity is to you. To help, our charity retail systems can keep your money safe and secure and can help you to keep track of what you’re selling for your charity. For more information, contact our friendly team today on 01204 706 000.


There are hundreds of charities all over the world with hundreds of different and similar goals. From world peace to world protection, child education to animal care and safety, as the International Day of Charity swiftly approaches (September 5th for those of you who don’t know) we thought we’d reflect on some of the charity giants and their fantastic achievements!


Children in Need

Spanning the decades, Children in Need has become a greatly anticipated national entertainment programme! Set up with numerous entertainers, from nationally beloved actors to singers far and wide, one of the BBC’s greatest charity events (closely followed by Comic Relief and Sports Relief) has raised thousands of pounds since its beginning.

The charity, set up to raise money for disadvantaged children and young adults right here in the UK, last year reached a staggering £32,620,469, the largest sum they’ve been able to raise so far! Perhaps this year we’ll be able to come together and raise even more to help children and young people in our own communities live happier lives!


Mother and Schoolchildren - iStock_000015833058_Medium



We’re sure you’ve heard of the Guardians of the Earth; Greenpeace. Spreading their influence across the globe, Greenpeace have successfully stopped, prevented, irritated, agitated, negotiated and motivated companies large and small to put a stop to their destructive ways and to help protect environments and animals alike.

They’ve successfully executed a global ban on nuclear weapons testing  and persuaded Facebook to become a greener company amongst other things.

From us at Charity Retail Systems, keep it up Greenpeace, you’re doing awesome!


glass globe in hand green bio



The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is by far one of the most well known charities we have here in the UK. RSPCA officers work tirelessly morning and night to protect wild and domestic animals from the cruelty of people.

Recently one of the greatest achievements the RSPCA has undertaken is adding their voice to the enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 which reinforces the 1911 Act and granted the RSPCA and the police to arrest people on suspicion of animal cruelty!


Confused Dog- iStock_000045727868_Medium


The Ice Bucket Challenge

Do you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? The charity event that took the world by storm last year? Over two million people were tagged in the Facebook phenomenon  which included dowsing yourself in icy water. It may have turned slightly dangerous towards the end with people leaping into icy lakes but it definitely paid off! The social media challenge raised over £142 million pounds, that’s over $220 million dollars!

Amyotrophic  lateral sclerosis is a nerve damaging disease in the brain and spinal cord. Before the Ice Bucket Challenge there was said to be no cure but thanks to all of your freezing cold people out there, you’ve raised enough money to help the ALS research make an monumental breakthrough!

Congratulations Ice Bucketeers, you’ve helped take a huge step towards finding a cure for ALS!



For your charity shop, we’d like to do a little something to help you collect as much money as possible to help make sure breakthroughs happen again and again! Our charity EPoS system can help you safely secure sales and can keep track of what you’re selling for your cause!

For more information, contact us today on 01204 706 000!

We’re delighted to announce we have been named as a finalist in the Software Innovation of the Year category for the Digital Entrepreneur Awards 2015 for our innovative and unique Full Scan Mode (FSM) software incorporated in our CHARiot system.


We developed Full Scan Mode (FSM) for CHARiot following feedback from our existing customer and national charity, The Children’s Society, after it discovered Gift Aid was not being collected on all items because the collection functionality could be by-passed at point of sale.

The first of its kind on the market, our new innovative FSM software, which has now been rolled out to all customers, ensures 100% capture of Gift Aid to maximise revenue and minimise admin.

Every year, UK charities lose out on millions of pounds in Gift Aid that has not been collected, either because they use manual cash till and paper-based Gift Aid management systems, or because the Gift Aid collection functionality on their existing EPoS system can be avoided.

Retail Gift Aid is worth £60 million a year, and much of this is lost through ineffective Gift Aid collection – so we developed a solution to help charities maximise margins.

Our unique CHARiot system was designed with the user in mind and is the only solution of its kind on the market. Using Toshiba ST A20 EPoS hardware, CHARiot not only captures 100% of Gift Aid through its Full Scan Mode (FSM) function, but allows easy access to efficient management tools including full tracking and stock control.

CHARiot infographic

We are delighted to be shortlisted in the category. To be recognised for continuously innovating software for our customers is fantastic!

One of our loyal customers, Paul Tate, new business manager at The Children’s Society commented: “Nisyst’s CHARiot Full Scan Mode has removed any margin for error in our shops and has significantly increased Gift Aid capture, adding £500-£800 per week to the bottom line, which is a total of approximately £26,000 – £41,000 per year.

“Thanks to Nisyst’s can-do approach to enhancing their already impressive software, our EPoS is always aligned to our revenue growth strategy and supports our expanding retail network. I am delighted they have been shortlisted and wish them the very best of luck on the night.”

The Digital Entrepreneur Awards will take place at the Palace Hotel, Manchester, on Wednesday 11 November 2015. More information about the ceremony can be found here

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When you’re looking for a supplier of any kind, how do you make an informed decision between one company and another?

Chances are that several companies will claim to have comparable products along with similar levels of customer service and technical support, which can make it hard to know which one to trust.


ISO 27001-2013 CQS Dual Colour - Nirvana

For Nisyst, customer recommendation and referrals have helped generate rapid growth because, in a close-knit sector like charity retail, endorsement from a charity that is already using the product and benefiting from our commitment to customer service is the best business development tool available.

Independent endorsement is still critical, however, it not only helps to generate confidence amongst both existing and potential customers, but also builds a company’s reputation amongst the whole supply chain.

ISO accreditations provide a very credible independent endorsement, identifying key areas where the company you’re working with has met stringent standards and worked hard to achieve excellence.

They also demonstrate a company’s commitment to continuous improvement because certification is a complex process that takes time and involves a financial investment.

What’s more, the process does not end at certification but continues through successive audits, requiring the certified company to maintain and improve standards over a number of years.

GB5015- 9001 Colour logo

For Nisyst, becoming the one of the first EPoS specialists in the charity retail sector to achieve both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification is a clear statement of our commitment to raising standards within our marketplace.

Our customers trust us to offer them market-leading technology, excellent customer service and expert technical support and the ISO accreditations confirm that their confidence is well placed.