Gift Aid is crucial to many noble and hardworking charities and our EPoS system helps to maximise the revenue that can be used for those most in need.

We are delighted to announce we have been named a finalist in the Software Innovation of the Year category for the Digital Entrepreneur Awards 2015.


Being the first of its kind on the market, we were shortlisted for our innovative Full Scan Mode (FSM) software for our CHARiot system which has been rolled out to all of our customers to ensure 100% capture of Gift Aid to maximise revenue and minimise admin.

We will be attending the Digital Entrepreneur Awards at the Palace Hotel in Manchester on Wednesday 11 November 2015. Follow us on Twitter @NisystEPoS to find out how we get on!

The shortlist comes after we were crowned Supplier of the Year at the Charity Retail Association Awards earlier this year. Nominated by national UK charity and customer, The Children’s Society, we were thrilled to accept the award.

We’d like to welcome Michael Flemming to the team, who is our new trainer at Nisyst.

Mike Flemming

Michael, from Rochdale, has more than 15 years’ of experience working with EPoS software systems, and will lead our informative training sessions at Nisyst HQ and on-site for charity shop staff and volunteers who will then go on to use our software.

Lee Armstrong is now project manager, leading on new installations and software updates, and Daniel Ruddock has also been promoted to account manager. Daniel’s role will involve being wholly dedicated to our customers with any enquiries or feedback they have.

Collaboration with our customers is at the heart of everything we do and the driving force of our software development. Daniel’s personal and caring approach mirror’s our company ethos as we’re always praised for the attention to detail our support staff take when troubleshooting for our customers.

Sales director at Nisyst, Geoff Evans, said: “We recognise the importance of managing our customers and adding value at every stage, and to achieve this we have now introduced an account management function within our business to act as a single point of contact for business issues and discussions.

“This will mean that there will a resolution or answer to anything that comes up at any stage and will allow Nisyst to meet the customer’s expectations at all times.”

For more information about how our team supports customers, click here

A Welsh charity and two new hospices have opted to use our CHARiot EPoS system in their shops, helping to ensure they capture more Gift Aid than ever before!

We have completed the CHARiot installation in ten stores for the Welsh Air Ambulance charity, 18 installations for palliative care hospice, Woking & Sam Beare, and 47 sites for Bristol-based St Peter’s Hospice.

All charities are now using the Full Scan Mode (FSM) software, utilising the easy-to-use barcoded label function for each Gift Aided item, ensuring sales can only be processed once the Gift Aid has been captured at the point of sale.

Dave Chunilal, technical director at Nisyst said: “These new customers add to a number of charities and hospices that already rely on our CHARiot system, including The Children’s Society and St Luke’s Hospice.

“Regardless of the size of their retail network, our system is designed to maximise charities’ Gift Aid revenues and simplify operation for users. Unlike most providers, Nisyst does not take a percentage of the Gift Aid collected in commission, enabling these three hospices to benefit from the full Gift Aid return of 25% of the sale price for each eligible item.”

Click here for more information about how our system works.

Whilst our new lottery software helps to generate additional revenue for charities, our interactive management dashboard functionality has now been rolled out, free of charge, to all of our customers – with outstanding results.

Updated automatically to existing CHARiot software systems overnight to ensure no disruption, the new dashboard has added management functionality at shop level without altering the navigation for staff and volunteers.

In addition to this, an android and iOS app linked to the dashboard software will be launched before the end of the year, which will enable store and regional managers to access reporting functionality in store using their phones or portable devices.


The additional functionality from the new dashboard includes:

  • See average customer spend and sales figures
  • Trend graphs & information breakdown on Gift Aid, new donor sign-ups & bag drops
  • Refund tracking
  • Budget and target monitoring and amendment
  • Access to reports in store and at head office
  • Information can be viewed by store, region or company


Head of retail at St Catherine’s Hospice, Rachael Hewitt, comments: “Working with Nisyst has been so easy and the new dashboard update was completely seamless.

“The real-time visibility of store performance and operational activities means we have the right management information to make informed decisions.”

At Nisyst, we believe that CHARiot is the best charity sector EPoS system on the market and we’re constantly investing in product development based on user feedback to ensure that it continues to offer users the most advanced functionality.

Managing director of Nisyst, Bob Chunilal adds: “The feedback we’ve had from users is that they love the CHARiot system but they’d like more management capabilities at the point of use.

“Our new dashboard provides that, giving customers access to head office reporting at a local level and enabling business decisions to be made.

“CHARiot users will not notice a difference in the day-to-day navigation of the system but, if they do need any assistance, our in-house helpdesk will be there to support them as always.”

The team at Nisyst has been extremely busy in the last few months developing our new lottery function software for customers.

The easy-to-use added functionality to the existing CHARiot Full Scan Mode (FSM) EPoS system will help increase revenue for charities and hospices, as well as providing another way for customers to donate.

Designed with staff and volunteers in mind, the software update is seamlessly integrated into existing systems. In store, a lottery sale is completed with minimal key strokes and links simultaneously with the back office, ensuring easy and quick reporting.

St Peter’s Hospice has the lottery function installed in 47 of its sites, and we’ve received great feedback already.

Ed Smith, corporate fundraiser and lottery manager at St Peter’s Hospice, commented: “The lottery function is fantastic – it’s extremely easy to use and caused no disruption to our current system when it was updated.

“As another source of revenue generation, the return on investment is set to be substantial.”


With charity shops recently becoming more popular than ever, it’s not surprising that a lot more people are beginning to realise that it’s a brilliant way to increase donations and raise awareness for their charity. However, charity shop owners are constantly thinking about different ways that they can raise the bar and bring in even more funds.

Do you know how you can make the most of your donations and make more money for your charity? Here are some of our very best top tips to help you out.

Money - iStock_000040411568_Medium

Getting Your Window Display Spot On

It’s important that the window display of your charity shop is perfect, as this will be people’s first impression of your store. The aim is to get customers into the shop; therefore you need to attract them by having a brilliant and attractive window design. As well as bringing in more customers; you also want to attract donors and volunteers.

It should be smart and not overcrowded, and everything should be clearly priced. It’s a good idea to make your display seasonal – so it should be changed regularly to fit in with different periods and times of the year. We also think that a display should be colourful so that it’s more likely to grab attention.

Create an Online Store

A good way of making money for your charity is to create an online store where you can sell all of your high value goods. A lot of charities, whether they are big or small, have found a number of benefits in starting an online shop. The main thing is that it reaches a wider audience, as it’s accessible to people outside of your local area. It also allows you to raise more awareness for your charity and therefore hopefully raise more money. You can also target specific audiences if the products that you are selling are specialist items.

Designer modern home office desk with laptop

Use Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a brilliant way of raising money for charity without actually paying any more money. Your customers can choose to add Gift Aid to their donations/purchases, as long as they pay income tax. They fill in a short declaration that confirms they pay this, and then 25% more value is added to their donation which can then be claimed by the charity.

Here at Charity Retail Systems, our charity EPoS system makes collecting Gift Aid really easy for you. It has an automated system which processes Gift Aid easier and makes sure that charities benefit from it a lot quicker.

If you would like more information on how you can use one of our systems in your store, please just get in touch. You can give us a call on 01204 706 000 and a member of our team will be happy to answer any questions.

The regular charity donators among you may have heard of this fantastic initiative that has been in place for quite a while now. Gift Aid is a great way to give a little bit more to a charity without paying anything more.

Sounds too good to be true, right? How does this mind boggling process work? Join us as we look at how Gift Aid operates and what that means for our charity donations.

What Is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is a tax incentive in the UK which allows charities to claim back the basic rate of tax on their donations. For every £1 that you spend, the charity can claim back 25p, which soon adds up, especially as charity shops are becoming a popular shopping alternative.

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How Does It Work?

Income tax payers in the UK can add Gift Aid to their charity donations by completing a short declaration which simply states that they pay income tax. By declaring this, basic rate taxpayers can add around 25% more value to their donations which the charity can then claim back. These forms provide minimum information which is required for the charities to claim this tax back.

As long as your gift aid donations don’t exceed the amount of tax that you have paid in the current tax year more than 4 times, you will be eligible to donate with Gift Aid. If your circumstances change, it is imperative that you inform the charity so that you avoid any extra charges from the HMRC claiming overpaid Gift Aid money back from you.

What Do I Need to Do?

To qualify to donate to a charity with the additional Gift Aid, you simply need to fill out a declaration form, informing the charity that you pay income tax in the UK.


This declaration doesn’t require you to donate regularly to the charity, but any donations that you do provide will allow the charity to claim 25% back on every £1 that you donate from the government. It is simply giving the charity permission to gain a little extra cash at no expense to yourself.

As long as you are eligible, the charity will be able to claim. You can even add gift aid to your sponsorship events, providing that each donator provides their details.

Our charity EPoS systems make collecting Gift Aid a whole lot easier for the charities that use our systems. With this automated system, charities and consumers can be sure that the Gift Aid will definitely be processed, and the charities can benefit from it in a quicker, more beneficial time. If you are looking for a stress free way to process Gift Aid in your charity shop, contact Chairty Retain Systems today by calling our team on 01204 706 000 and find out how our CHARiot system can aid your charity.