A comprehensive EPoS system for the retail sector

At Nisyst, we make technology work harder for your business, with a stable feature-rich EPoS ecosystem that boosts sales and streamlines operations.

As a leading retail systems provider, we know the value of reliable, functional, and modern retail solutions. In this fast-paced world, businesses have to do more and more to keep up with an ever-evolving industry. Wouldn’t it be nice if your retail systems did that too?

With NPoS – Nisyst’s innovative EPoS solution – that’s exactly what we’ve set out to achieve. Our cost-effective, intelligent solution is tailored to your individual needs, designed to be easy to use and quick to master. 

Our company ethos is simple: to solve complex problems with simple solutions. Our system provides the toolkit you need to thrive, helping your retail organisation to become more effective and efficient in everything you do.

  • User-friendly and quick to master

  • Real-time sales and stock information at your fingertips

  • A streamlined retail system that maximises sales and productivity

  • Multi-channel functionality

NPoS by Nisyst

NPoS is a robust, tailored EPoS solution with real-time analysis and reporting capabilities. On the front end, it’s compact and intuitive, there to speed up your till-point process and ensure you’re always delivering a premium customer service. On the back end, it provides all the tools needed to monitor and assess the performance and profitability of your business.

We work closely with our customers to create a bespoke NPoS system that overcomes the unique requirements of their business. And to make it better, our solutions work right out of the box, allowing you to jump in and start making a difference straight away.

A valuable, long-term partnership

At Nisyst, we’re there for our customers in the long term. Partnering with us means an ongoing working relationship to ensure your retail system is always going above and beyond for your business. All our developments and upgrades are a result of customer feedback and our desire to better serve each and every customer we have.

Pre-installation, we provide you and your staff with comprehensive training and insight for making the transition to NPoS as easy as possible. We minimise any downtime during setup and will walk you through the entire process. Post-installation, through a dedicated account manager and our in-house helpline, we’re there for ongoing support and guidance. 

If you run into any problems with your NPoS solution, our team is there to help you every step of the way – with next day site visits if needed.

Client testimonials

“Nisyst are incredibly humble. They have a really good product and, as a company, they really care. They care about their client’s businesses, they care about the product experience, they care about customer support. That matters. It’s not just about technology, it’s about people and we know that the team at Nisyst will be there for us. It’s personal for them.”

“The team at Nisyst really care. As a company they take time to understand your business and will flex to meet your needs. They are passionate about their product, supportive with training and I can rest easy at night knowing our gift aid claims are 100% compliant thanks to CHARiot.”

“Nisyst really do care about you as a customer. Right from our very first meeting, they really listened to our needs and paid attention to what we wanted, providing a tailored solution for us as an independent charity. They are always willing to listen to our feedback so they can continue to provide the very best EPoS product for the charity retail market.”

“The team at Nisyst really care. As a company they take time to understand your business and will flex to meet your needs. Every customer wants to feel loved and that’s, ultimately, what Nisyst make you feel. They care about their product, about their customers and about you. It really sets them apart.”

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