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EPoS Software and Point of Sale Software from Nisyst

Nisyst Sticker
    • Boost sales and profitability
    • Reduce purchasing, logistics & sales costs
    • Reduce working capital
    • Control demand
    • Reduce stock-outs and lost sales
    • Increase product availability and best sellers
    • Reduce residual stock
    • Synchronise the flow of goods across the retail chain
    • Enhance visibility
    • Improve service levels

Nirvana Intelligent Systems Limited (Nisyst) is a dedicated EPoS software house, offering touch-screen EPoS software solutions for both wholesale and retail to gifts and speciality, DIY and home improvement, garden centres, convenience stores, lighting and electrical and department stores.

Trading purely in Point of Sale (PoS) systems since 1991, Nisyst has a wealth of expertise developing and providing electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) solutions and back office systems to both single and multiple site operations throughout the UK.

In-house EPoS programmers continue to develop the latest solutions, combined with the latest EPoS technology, ensuring that Nisyst is the best placed provider to supply touch screen EPoS software and solutions to your operation. We provide complete EPoS systems from the point of sale combined with back office, reporting and stock control solutions that are proven to deliver real commercial benefits to your organisation.

Choosing the right PoS software can help you transform the way you run your business, offering a host of different retail management options that will increase efficiency and productivity. Here at Nisyst, we want to help you to get the most out of your Point of Sale software, which is why we offer an exceptional product with superior customer service to match.

Nisyst boasts an in-house help-desk, fully trained engineers and a friendly, experienced team who are on hand to offer technical support that will make sure you are getting the most out of your EPoS software. Our customers recognise the importance of this and our customer testimonials speak for themselves.

NPoS EPoS Software

NPoS is feature rich easy to use EPoS software designed to run both on touch screen and keyboard driven EPoS systems.

The very essence of every one of the NPoS solutions is designed around tailoring the individuals requirements of a business and incorporating those needs into a comprehensive EPoS solution that is, affordable, adaptable, functional and user friendly, irrespective of the size or the nature of that business. By incorporating seamless real-time links from web sites directly into the retail system, the user has access to constant and accurate sales and stock management data. This unique facility within our solution is vital on applications such as mail order and on line purchasing / E-Commerce. By presetting minimum and maximum levels of stock (the system provides a full history of products and suppliers specifics that automatically recommend optimised stock levels).

NPoS Features

NPoS is a very feature rich, highly stable EPoS software, as well as a stock control and business management tool. Some of its many features are listed here. Call a consultant now to see how your business can start to benefit from NPoS and the EPoS software available from Nisyst.